One word describes Vinton County, Ohio better than any other: opportunity. With little competition and few regulations, Vinton County is home to a diverse range of industry, from tourist boutiques to manufacturing plants. Affordable land, business-friendly local government, and a ready workforce create the perfect climate for small business. Our Development Department even offers microenterprise courses for small business owners, complete with a revolving loan fund. If your dream is to own a small business, Vinton County is your land of opportunity.

  • Nontraditional enterprises are encouraged
  • Few competitors and low barriers to entry
  • Small business courses and loans are available
  • Land is affordable
  • 200-acre business park
  • Skilled workforce

Want to learn more? The staff of the Vinton County Development Department would love to help you. Perhaps you would like to relocate to our Business Park? Maybe you are looking for an existing building space? The Development Department can talk to you about all the ins and outs of doing business in our county and offer personalized service to suit your needs. Some qualified businesses and individuals may even qualify for low interest loans to start or expand their businesses.

Vinton County Development Dept.
205 S. Market Street
McArthur, OH 45651