• First PY 2017 CDBG Public Hearing Scheduled

    The Vinton County Commissioners intend to apply to the Ohio Development Services Agency under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Ohio Small Cities Program, the HOME Program and the Ohio Housing Trust Fund. The CDBG program and HOME program are federally funded programs administered by the State of Ohio.

    Vinton County is eligible for the following CDBG PY 2017 funds providing the county meets applicable program requirements:

    CDBG Community Development Program (Formula Allocation Program) a minimum of $150,000; with competitive set-asides of CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Program $500,000; and Downtown Revitalization $500,000

    • CDBG Critical Infrastructure Program $300,000
    • CDBG Residential Public Infrastructure Program $600,000
    • CDBG Economic Development Program $500,000
    • CDBG Economic Development Public Infrastructure Program $500,000
    • CDBG New Horizons Fair Housing Program $30,000
    • CDBG/HOME/OHTF Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) $400,000 (Can apply in 2018)
    • Target of Opportunity Grant Program $200,000

    The CDBG Community Development Program is a non-competitive community development and infrastructure program that is available to all incorporated and unincorporated areas as well as community organizations, provided they meet all applicable program requirements. All other programs are competitive in nature. Projects competing for these funds will be rated accordingly.

    The first of two or more public hearings will held on February 21, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the office of the Vinton County Commissioners, Vinton County Courthouse, 100 East Main Street, McArthur, Ohio. This meeting will provide citizens with pertinent information about the CDBG and other programs, including an explanation of eligible program activities and applicable program requirements and application due dates.

    These programs can fund a broad range of activities, including, but not limited to: economic development projects, street repairs, water and sewer lines, park improvements, demolition, housing initiatives and neighborhood revitalization. These activities must benefit low to moderate income persons, aid in the prevention of slums or blight, be targeted to limited clientele or meet an urgent need. Technical assistance will be available to those groups wishing to apply for these programs.

    Citizens are encouraged to attend this public hearing on February 21, 2017 to provide input on the Vinton County’s programs. If a participant will need auxiliary aids (interpreter, brailled or taped material, assistive listening device), or other, due to a disability, or needs further information, please contact Terri Fetherolf, Director, at Vinton County Development Department prior to the meeting at 740-596-3529 to ensure your needs will be accommodated.

  • Grant Information Meeting

    An informational meeting on how to apply for Fiscal Year 2018 Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant funding will be held March 2 at 10 a.m. at the Vinton County Development Department, 205 S. Market St. in McArthur. Information will be provided there describing the process of applying for ARC and EDA funds and how to get a project included in the Vinton County’s FY 2018 project package.

    You may also preview application templates at www.ovrdc.org.

    If you have questions, please contact Terri Fetherolf at 740-596-3529.

  • Request for Applications

    Vinton County is requesting proposals from Rehabilitation Specialists to assist in the implementation (completion) of the FY 2016 CHIP program, 2015 USDA HPG and 2016 USDA HPG in Vinton County.

    Please provide a description of your experience with these types of programs, including the qualifications and capacity to provide the above-named services. You must demonstrate a high level of expertise in managing contractors performing housing rehabilitation projects that use Federal and State funds. Experience of at least three years in dealing with government funded housing rehabilitation/construction programs using both State and Federal regulations and guidelines is required. State licensure in Lead remediation practices, including Lead Risk Assessment license is also required. Successful applicant will demonstrate a proven ability to write construction specifications under the State of Ohio’s Residential Rehabilitation Standards using RESPEC. Further, knowledge of Energy Efficiency programs is highly desired. Applications will be evaluated based on experience and expertise in similar project, capacity and stability.

    Provide a proposed plan for implementation of the services including a schedule and budget. Please include a list of references with contact names and phone numbers regarding experience and the types of programs managed as well as any licenses or certifications currently held. Include any affiliations with professional organizations that would help us evaluate your technical experience and ability to provide construction and rehabilitation services through a wide range of activities.

    In house office space and spec writing software is available. Please contact Terri Fetherolf at 740-596-3529 for questions. Applications must be submitted by 9 a.m. March 2, 2017 to:

    Vinton County Development Department

    205 S. Market St.
    McArthur, OH 45651
    Or via email to dev.tfetherolf@vintonco.com